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Parents & Carers

School Refusal is complex and multilayered. The impact on families can be enormous and it can result in high levels of stress, frustration, conflict or feeling discouraged. 

Talk to your school to about your concerns. Your school may arrange a School Support Team who can support you and your young person to take the next step to increase their time at school. A School Support Team may include the Assistant Principal and/or Wellbeing Team Member, Year Level Coordinator, Teaching and Educational Support Officers. You may wish to invite a family support person or other professionals working with you or your young person. 


It can be helpful for the School Support Team to have as much information as possible to best understand the challenges and your concerns. These may include:

  • Relationship breakdowns or peer conflict

  • Reports of bullying 

  • Academic or learning difficulties 

  • Worries or anxiety about peers, group work, homework, tests or exams, social situations, specific subjects or classes and upcoming school events 

  • Break times at school

  • Routines at home

  • Organisational issues

  • Poor sleep

  • Transition after the weekend or after holidays

School Refusal: Strategies to Support Young People

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